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LAUREN SEARLES is a Tantric Love and Sex Coach for heart-centered men who  want to liberate themselves from the nice guy persona,  and embody their authentic masculinity so they can have soul-satisfying sex. Her work is informed by a belief that by shedding layers of the false self, one can truly access their innate essence and erotic power. And by valuing human connection first, we get to truly have meaningful and satisfactory lives. 


Lauren has had over 10 years of study in Tantra, Consciousness, Meditation and  the Healing Arts. She specializes in Men’s Sexuality, with 800 hours of training in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, giving you the most cutting edge embodiment and therapeutic practices for real lasting change. 


By empowering change-makers to embody their desire, Lauren shows her clients how to transmute their deepest pain into their greatest gifts. Using her proven somatic-based coaching method, seekers are gently guided towards finding the innate wisdom within the gateways of the Soma; the divine life-intelligence inside the body. 


Lauren has received her Love, Sex & Relationship Coaching certification through Layla Martin’s Institute for Integrated Sexuality, and studied Tantra with Psalm Isadora and Christopher Wallis. She resides on the Big Island of Hawaii where she enjoys ecstatic dance, authentic relating practices, yoga, cuddles, laughter, sunshine, and erotic storytelling.

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