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It’s time to Embody your Inner King.


You deserve that earth-shattering, heart expansive,

body-enlivening sex life that you KNOW is possible.

When you transform and you know your inherent worth

is beyond performance, or how much you can ‘do’ for her

-- you’ll truly be the man you were meant to be.

Many men believe a woman can only be kept if he

caves to her every whim and sacrifices his own needs for others.

But the truth is - that is how excitement is LOST

If you want to bring sexual charge and attraction

back into your relationships, then embody your masculine truth,

without losing the sensitivity in your heart. 

Your deepest essence and penetrating presence

will activate her fullest opening.



Benefits of the Sexually Embodied King


By awakening your Inner King, you’ll embody your inherent worth, lead from the heart, and maintain her respect. Which is FIRE in the bedroom. 

You’ll boost your authentic sexual power to the point where women will be magnetized to your divine masculine presence.

You’ll tap into unlimited sexual energy resulting in more long lasting, soul-satisfying sex, and she will be asking for more.

By healing your inner nice guy, you’ll repair your relationships with women, which will summon their appreciation and reverence for you, bringing greater love and harmony in your relationships. 

By amplifying your erotic confidence, you’re able to trust your body’s intelligence and know that your presence alone is a turn-on for her. 

You’ll start valuing yourself for who you are instead of your achievements, formulate strong boundaries in your work and personal life, commanding more money, love and respect.

By cultivating unshakable self worth you’ll know in your BONES you are worthy of the love you desire, and have the ability to hold and keep healthier relationships.



Jason's Transformation
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Lauren opened doors to my sexuality that I didn't know existed. I did not know what I did not know...and the way she guided me to expand my knowledge and deepen my ability to feel was totally extraordinary. I worked with Lauren for 10 weeks and her program redirected my life and totally saved and radically enriched my relationship. She truly is a Love Angel!” - Anders, 2018

"Checkmate! King me too Queen. Lauren is the real deal. With laser precision, she pinpointed the perfect exercise I could do on my own that helped unlock me to the next level that I only had to do once yet still benefits me to this day, years later.  She is worth her price and clearly isn't just seeking monetary compensation for all of the generous offerings she puts out for the benefit of so many, males and females.” - Eric, 2019

No bull, my work with you has been the most gratifying and soul nourishing work I’ve done with pretty much anyone ever and the things we’ve identified and the voice I’ve found for myself has transformed my relationship not only with those around me but with myself. 


I have a smile from ear to ear and equally honored, and so so so very grateful for your guidance, wisdom and supernatural grace.” - Tim, 2022

“Lauren is everything and more I could have asked for in a coach to help shepherd me through deep religious and family trauma to my embodiment and relationship with sexuality, feeling worthy of receiving pleasure, and shedding remnants of a classic 'nice guy' persona that was ingrained in me since childhood. I could not give her a higher personal recommendation, and I am beyond grateful to the universe for our energies finding each other, at a time when I needed it most.” - Mike, 2021

“I found this Yelp page randomly googling my issues. Despite tons of high quality therapy I was totally shut down sexually. I was kinda giving up. I wanted to be a sexual person in the world and it seemed confusing and inaccessible.


I called Lauren and set up a consultation and the emotional power of that meeting convinced me without doubt that she could help me. Always compassionate, always in my corner, always giving more than she had to, Lauren did some sort of magic. She hypnotized me, healed me, assigned meditations and reading. She is like a safe-breaker on your soul listening with a stethoscope and twisting the dial, 6 left, 7 right, click. It was often emotional and often fun and I know I am gonna miss her.


I now have access to my sexual energy in a way that I never have had before. It's powerful and it affects EVERYTHING. Work, relationships, I even fight differently now - so much energy! It honestly feels like a superpower and I will always count myself lucky that I found this page on accident ... but there are no accidents ;) and the world is magic.

- GW, 2021

"Although I have a great career, I felt I was missing something but didn't know what it was.  Through Lauren's coaching sessions, we journeyed together into what I wanted.  She led when I was unclear on where to go and held space for me to discover for myself. Her coaching felt safe while being challenged that allowed for growth. Through that time, I controlled how deeply I wanted to go. If I was willing to open up in complete transparent vulnerability, Lauren was exactly where I was at. She allowed me the space to lead and explore my own self. 


Ultimately my greatest discovery is how important taking care of my sexual energy is. As a man, there is no greater fulfillment than knowing that I can fulfill the sexual needs of the women in my life. Lauren helped me rediscover the sexual passion in me, how important it is to me, and how it affects how I live my life.  - Abel, 2020





Heart-centered, spiritual, self aware men who are fiercely committed to getting what they want.

Ready to awaken and live up to their full power and potential in the bedroom and beyond!

Ready to be King of their Kingdom, and take big action towards changing the patterns that are no longer working.

Open to expanding into new ideas, and experimenting with new concepts like energetic mastery.

Ready to uplevel their sexual confidence, stamina and satisfaction, and have always been interested in Tantra, and sacred sexuality.

Longing to deepen connection in their relationships and cultivate long-lasting love and attraction.



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