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Wondering about the kind of transformations you can achieve when you join The Sexually Confident Man Program? 
Keep scrolling and find out what they're saying...


Unlock Your True Erotic Potential


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“Lauren opened doors to my sexuality that I didn't know existed. I did not know what I did not know...and the way she guided me to expand my knowledge and deepen my ability to feel was totally extraordinary. I worked with Lauren for 10 weeks and her program redirected my life and totally saved and radically enriched my relationship. She truly is a Love Angel!”

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"Take the Leap. Become the
Sexually Confident Man You Were
Meant to Be. Apply Now."

Picture a life where you hold the reins of your desires, where your very presence exudes a magnetic power. The Sexually Confident Man program is your gateway to unlocking a realm of passion, embodied power and the fulfillment that you desire.

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About Lauren Searles


Upon moving to San Francisco from my Colorado home in 2006, I was deeply influenced by its sex-positive and transformational culture. San Francisco and its unique inhabitants ignited my passion for healing bodywork, neo-tantra, yogic traditions, and classical Tantra. 


I specialize in guiding heart-centered men to liberate themselves from limited sexual expression, and help them embrace their authentic masculinity for a soul-satisfying sexual life. My philosophy hinges on the idea that shedding false layers allows us to tap into our innate erotic essence and power. I deeply believe in the value of genuine human connection as the key to a meaningful life.


With over a decade studying Tantra, Consciousness, Meditation, and the Healing Arts, specializing in Men’s Sexuality, I bring a unique blend of expertise to my work. My 800 hours of training, rooted in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, equip me with the latest embodiment and therapeutic practices. As a certified Love, Sex & Relationship Coach from Layla Martin’s Institute and having had the privilege to study Tantra under figures like Psalm Isadora and Christopher Wallis, among many others, I'm well-prepared to guide you on this journey.


I was previously based in Los Angeles for 10 years, and just made the jump to live in Hawaii, where I enjoy ecstatic dance, authentic relating practices, yoga, cuddles, laughter, sunshine and erotic cinematic storytelling.

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