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You’re just one click closer to making a grand decision to 


UP-LEVEL your Erotic confidence in the Bedroom and Beyond.

This is a one-time offer to Up-Level your Confidence and work with me in one area of your sex and love life. 

This offer won’t happen again… so jump on this offer now!

SAVE 50% of my normal package rate of $6,000 and up when you buy a 3 session pack.

Or SAVE 42% savings when you buy 1 session.

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90-Minute 1-on-1


In this 90 minute call, we will go deep into how up-leveling your confidence both in and out of the bedroom will improve your life! Come inspired, and dream big! Also please be in a quiet space where you can be uninterrupted for our call together.

Save 42% off of my normal package rate!



90-Minute 1-on-1


A deeper dive exploring what's holding you back from next level erotic confidence and soul satisfying love.

Save 50% off of my normal package rate!





Jason's Transformation
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Lauren opened doors to my sexuality that I didn't know existed. I did not know what I did not know...and the way she guided me to expand my knowledge and deepen my ability to feel was totally extraordinary. I worked with Lauren for 10 weeks and her program redirected my life and totally saved and radically enriched my relationship. She truly is a Love Angel!” - Anders, 2018

"Checkmate! King me too Queen. Lauren is the real deal. With laser precision, she pinpointed the perfect exercise I could do on my own that helped unlock me to the next level that I only had to do once yet still benefits me to this day, years later.  She is worth her price and clearly isn't just seeking monetary compensation for all of the generous offerings she puts out for the benefit of so many, males and females.” - Eric, 2019

No bull, my work with you has been the most gratifying and soul nourishing work I’ve done with pretty much anyone ever and the things we’ve identified and the voice I’ve found for myself has transformed my relationship not only with those around me but with myself. 


I have a smile from ear to ear and equally honored, and so so so very grateful for your guidance, wisdom and supernatural grace.” - Tim, 2022

“Lauren is everything and more I could have asked for in a coach to help shepherd me through deep religious and family trauma to my embodiment and relationship with sexuality, feeling worthy of receiving pleasure, and shedding remnants of a classic 'nice guy' persona that was ingrained in me since childhood. I could not give her a higher personal recommendation, and I am beyond grateful to the universe for our energies finding each other, at a time when I needed it most.” - Mike, 2021

“I found this Yelp page randomly googling my issues. Despite tons of high quality therapy I was totally shut down sexually. I was kinda giving up. I wanted to be a sexual person in the world and it seemed confusing and inaccessible.


I called Lauren and set up a consultation and the emotional power of that meeting convinced me without doubt that she could help me. Always compassionate, always in my corner, always giving more than she had to, Lauren did some sort of magic. She hypnotized me, healed me, assigned meditations and reading. She is like a safe-breaker on your soul listening with a stethoscope and twisting the dial, 6 left, 7 right, click. It was often emotional and often fun and I know I am gonna miss her.


I now have access to my sexual energy in a way that I never have had before. It's powerful and it affects EVERYTHING. Work, relationships, I even fight differently now - so much energy! It honestly feels like a superpower and I will always count myself lucky that I found this page on accident ... but there are no accidents ;) and the world is magic.

- GW, 2021

"Although I have a great career, I felt I was missing something but didn't know what it was.  Through Lauren's coaching sessions, we journeyed together into what I wanted.  She led when I was unclear on where to go and held space for me to discover for myself. Her coaching felt safe while being challenged that allowed for growth. Through that time, I controlled how deeply I wanted to go. If I was willing to open up in complete transparent vulnerability, Lauren was exactly where I was at. She allowed me the space to lead and explore my own self. 


Ultimately my greatest discovery is how important taking care of my sexual energy is. As a man, there is no greater fulfillment than knowing that I can fulfill the sexual needs of the women in my life. Lauren helped me rediscover the sexual passion in me, how important it is to me, and how it affects how I live my life.  - Abel, 2020


VALUE: $1,791

Nine group lesson calls over the course of 3 months -- providing education around sexuality, presence, purpose, power and passion. All held on Zoom and recorded for easy access.

chakra1 copy.png

Twice monthly group process calls, so you can dive deep into healing your core wounds, and bring wholeness and integration to your True Self.

VALUE: $1,194


Weekly audio meditations to awaken your embodied sexuality and consciousness.

VALUE: $250


Weekly accountability on tracking your goals, and simple action steps to move towards them.

VALUE: $300


LAUREN SEARLES is a Tantric Love and Sex Coach for heart-centered men who  want to liberate themselves from the nice guy persona,  and embody their authentic masculinity so they can have soul-satisfying sex. Her work is informed by a belief that by shedding layers of the false self, one can truly access their innate essence and erotic power. And by valuing human connection first, we get to truly have meaningful and satisfactory lives. 


Lauren has had over 10 years of study in Tantra, Consciousness, Meditation and  the Healing Arts. She specializes in Men’s Sexuality, with 800 hours of training in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, giving you the most cutting edge embodiment and therapeutic practices for real lasting change. 


By empowering change-makers to embody their desire, Lauren shows her clients how to transmute their deepest pain into their greatest gifts. Using her proven somatic-based coaching method, seekers are gently guided towards finding the innate wisdom within the gateways of the Soma; the divine life-intelligence inside the body. 


Lauren has received her Love, Sex & Relationship Coaching certification through Layla Martin’s Institute for Integrated Sexuality, and studied Tantra with Psalm Isadora and Christopher Wallis. She resides on the Big Island of Hawaii where she enjoys ecstatic dance, authentic relating practices, yoga, cuddles, laughter, sunshine, and erotic storytelling.

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